Melissa's yoga classes are the best! She encourages a "just give it a go" type attitude to the harder positions and I feel allowed to laugh at myself. I join from Australia and I love that she holds classes at different times so that there are options for all time zones. I am looking forward to more sessions!


Member since 02/21/2021

Mel's Yoga Corner was by far the most fantastic yoga class I've ever undertaken. Not only did Mel help us advance in our yoga practice, but she also taught us important lessons about ourselves and our bodies. She broke down the barrier of unknown terminology in teaching the meanings of words used in practice. She consistently created a warm, welcoming and love filled environment that reached far corners of the globe and most importantly radiated her of yoga love irrevocably to absolutely everybody. I cannot recommend Mel enough for the healing of your mind, body and soul.


Member since 12/31/2020

Melissa has been the most welcoming and kind yoga instructor I have had. She explains modifications in a kind manner that encourages you to do what is right for your body. During my recovery from a knee injury, she explained to me before class what moves may be too intense for my first day back, and throughout the class she made a point to say “if this is not right for anybody, another option is…”. It made me feel valued and special without being singled out. No matter your skill level, Melissa creates an environment where you can leave your worries at the door and just focus on your practice. Highly recommend.


Member since 02/03/2021

Mel brings a fresh and playful vibe to her yoga practice. Her classes are fun and accessible, and I have always appreciated her options that allow you to flow at your own pace and skill level. I highly recommend Mel’s Yoga Corner!


Member since 01/17/2021

Melissa is an incredible Yoga instructor.  I am a runner and I have tried to balance my running with a Yoga practice many times but can never stick with it and for the first time I found myself literally changing my life plans to work around Mel's on line classes.  I found Mel's classes inspiring, creative, fun and challenging. I was amazed at how each Flow class was so unique and new and yet was still building from the previous work.  Mel has a professional, inviting, encouraging, and joyous spirit and her classes were wonderfully challenging.  As a trained professional dancer, Mel brings a creativity and organic flow to her classes that is a perfect compliment to Yoga. Mel is the best Yoga instructor I have ever encountered and through her inspiring classes I found a discipline and commitment to my practice that I have previously lacked.  She is an inspiration. 


Member since 01/09/2021

Mel is an awesome instructor! She offers so many different classes for all levels of yogi. Mel readily adapted classes for us seniors. She challenges us all to try, to laugh, and to live life to it’s fullest!  


Member since 12/30/2020

Melissa is an excellent yoga instructor! I always look forward to Mel’s Yoga, as her classes are inspirational, relaxed, fun and a great yoga experience. Mel’s thoughtful, individualized yoga instruction, along with her kind, positive encouragement, has been instrumental in improving my strength, flexibility  & overall well being these past several months. My experience at Mel’s Yoga Corner has renewed my passion for yoga!


Member since 2/23/2021